For Real Estate Owner

  • What taxes do I need to pay when renting real estate?

    If you are a natural person and you rent your real estate, you can choose one of two taxes payment methods:

    • Buy a business certificate, which costs vary in each municipality. The cost of a business license "Renting a Residential Premises without Accommodation Services" in Vilnius city - 684 EUR / per year, Vilnius r. - 130 eur / per year. You can find the prices of business licenses in other municipalities here - Business license prices since 2017.
    • Declare the received income by completing the GPM declaration and pay by 1 May of the following year. From the actual income received to pay 15% of the GPM.

    When choosing a payment method, you can calculate how much you earn from rent per year. For example, if you lease property in Vilnius for 380 EUR / month or less, it is more profitable to declare income and pay 15% of the GPM. If you earn more than 380 eur per month, then it's worth considering the business license.

    When renting a few houses and having a business license, the price of the license does not change, unless the annual rental income will be more than 45 000 eur / year.

    In both cases, both the acquisition of a business certificate and the decision to declare income and pay 15% of the GPM, do not need to notify the tax office of the concluded lease agreement.

    If you decide to do business under a business license, you must contact the local tax office immediately, where you will register your business and pay for the business license. The cost of a business license depends on the municipality where you lease the property.


    What services do I get by entrusting you with apartment maintenance?

    We will take care of all issues related to renting a home, depending on whether it will be a long-term or short-term rental. We find the most reliable tenants; Prepare contracts and control their execution; We guarantee a rents transferable in time; Carry out readings of meter readings; We guarantee timely payment of utilities and other taxes; Supervise your property; Solve unpleasant questions with neighbors. In the case of short-term lease administration: We create and administer an apartment profile in international reservation systems; We keep in touch with the guests before they arrive and during the whole stay; Meeting the guests; Apartment maintenance and cleaning before and after the guest's;  We reserve an apartment for your stay. 


    Who will find the tenant and prepare the lease agreement?

    We will search for tenants and rent a house only to a trusted client. We will prepare the lease agreements and control their execution.


    Who will pay me a rent?

    We will ensure timely income for renting an apartment and guarantee a safe transfer of money to your account.


    Will I need to control payments for utility bills?

    We will monitor the write-off of meters and payments for other services.


    Who to contact if there will be a problem with the tenant's behavior?

    We will represent you in solving unpleasant questions with neighbors regarding tenants' behavior and order.


    Who will take care of the property in my apartment and its condition?

    We will responsible take care of property located on the premises, we will take care of its proper use,we will control the transfer and return of property in the apartment, we will solve the problems related to moving .


    Can you do minor repairs?

    Upon request, we will organize minor repairs.


    Who can clean my apartment?

    We will clean your apartment and prepare for rent.


    Where should I apply for maintenance of my apartment??

    Fill in request form or contact us by phone (+370) 700 55966.