For Tenant

  • Why a tenant is required to pay a deposit?

    The deposit may be used to compensate for the damage done to the property, as well as cover the rent and other taxes that are not paid in time. According to the agreement, unused collateral can be returned to the tenant upon expiration of the contract or is used instead of the last month's rent.

    Is it necessary to register a lease of residential premises in the VĮ "Registrų centras"

    It is not necessary, but it is recommended to register a lease for  VĮ "Registrų centras" to the real estate register to protect the interests of the tenant. For this registration, it is sufficient for one of the contracting parties to submit a contract to the VĮ "Registrų centras" the real estate register, so the tenant can do it on his own initiative.

    Why for tenant is useful to choose our services?

    • All services from "one hands".
    • The services are provided promptly when the customer needs it, therefore our call center and emergency service are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to the standard, the account for the provided services can be paid by the tenant next month after receipt of the payment card, in addition the amount can be divided and paid in installments.
    • The tenant can call the UAB „Mano Būstas“ masters, for small repairs in the apartment (for plumbing, electric or worktop, and finishing works) and pay for services also in the next month after receiving an account, with the possibility to split it into installments.
    • In case of any other issues related to renting an apartment or encountering problems, the tenant can always contact our manager.