Internal rules for guests

  • By booking apartment you agree that you are familiar with internal rules for guests
    and you will follow them!

    1. By booking apartment the tenant agrees with internal rules and will follow them
    2. Arriving from 14:00.
    3. Departure until 11:00.
    4. Smoking is not allowed
    5. It is not allowed to prepare parties
    6. The tenant must leave the premises clean, otherwise the cleaning fee will apply (up to 25.00 EUR).
    7. The tenant must provide accurate information when booking accommodation. The administrator is not responsible for incorrectly chosen arrival or departure terms or for other incorrectly specified data.
    8. After completing and sending the reservation, the tenant receives a confirmation of the reservation indicating the time of arrival / departure, number of persons, price and other relevant information.
    9. The premises are considered to be definitively reserved only upon receipt of advance payment of 30% (calculated from the total amount of the lease) within two days from the date of reservation.
    10. The reservation can be canceled or, if available, changed to more than 7 days before the arrival date (if the reservation is canceled less than 7 days before the arrival, the money is not refunded).
    11. In circumstances where the service can not be provided at the time specified in the confirmation of the reservation, we undertake to immediately inform the Customer and refund the reservation fee paid by him.
    12. The administrator has the right to cancel the reservation if the advance payment has not been received, without any explanation if it is not possible to contact by phone or by e-mail.
    13. In circumstances where the tenant has to leave before the time specified in the reservation, the amount paid will not be refunded unless there is an additional agreement.
    14. The remaining part of the amount must be fully paid by the date of arrival.
    15. A reservation can only be settled by advance payment or by bank transfer.
    16. One apartment can accommodate up to 4 persons at a time (including children in persons number). There is a possibility to deliver a bed / manger at an additional cost.
    17. There are 1 extra bed available in the apartments.
    19. In apartments and rest areas from 22.00 to 9.00 no noise is allowed. If the tenant disturbs the public seriousness and does not react to the administrative warnings, he will immediately leave the resort.
    20. The administrator has the right to terminate the provision of services to persons whose behavior is inappropriate, endangers the health and safety of other holidaymakers, is contrary to public policy, causes material damage to property administered by the Administrator.
    21. The lessee must properly use the items and equipment in the apartments and immediately notify the administration of any observed failures or defects and compensate for the material damage caused by the fault of the tenant. The administrator is not responsible for any damage caused by third parties.
    22. The Tenant undertakes to protect and conserve the property administered by the Administrator. Items in the apartments and in the territory are under the supervision of the Administrator, therefore the tenant can not pick them up on departure.